Every time you surf the web, you find a lot of valuable information on various web pages. In most cases, it is not desired to save the entire page to your hard disk when only one paragraph is really needed. Yet that's what most people do. As a result, your disk is polluted with multiple useless images and web pages. When you download tons of needless data, you not only lose free space on your hard drive but the time and money too. And, in the end, most of that valuable information will be lost anyway.

To organize and keep in order all the web pages you've downloaded, we recommend that you use SliceTheWeb - the brand new way to save only that data that you wish to be saved. This innovative software solution lets you arrange and store both whole web pages and their fragments (called slices) in a very comfortable way. Adding slices is easy and understandable. One can create a slice from Microsoft Internet Explorer with only one mouse click. All slices that you have saved are conveniently grouped and may be sorted by various means. Slice Manager shows all categories with slices and provides quick access to them. Furthermore, the program has additional features which may be useful when you work with slices. Search for a desired note, print notes, save notes as a file, etc. SliceTheWeb makes you forget about all the inconveniences with regard to downloaded information. All pages, notes and other data are always at hand and strictly organized, so it gives you quick access to all! your information. The user friendly and uncomplicated interface of SliceTheWeb is optimized to make working with the program intuitive.

SliceTheWeb is a tool that makes it easy to surf the web, and select, store and review fragments of downloaded information. SliceTheWeb is in constant development and targeted to those who value both their time and their money.