FileBack PC is an automatic file backup and synchronization utility for Windows. Features include automatic configuration (so you don't have the learn how to use the program to backup your data), backups to and from hard disk/floppy/network drives, compressed backups, scheduled backups and other events, automatic backup of files immediately after being saved, automatic network drive mapping, e-mail notification of backup completion status, automatic product updates, tracking of up to 999 versions of each backup file, easy-to-use backup setup and restoration wizards, backup folder cleanup, backups in response to hardware changes, much, much more.

What's New:

* Backup compression and encryption can now both be turned on (Enterprise/Administrator editions; non-MOS encryption method must be selected).
* Dramatically better restore performance in Restoration Wizard.
* Added new "Use FileBack PC Copy" option to backup jobs. This is primarily to improve handling when EFS-encrypted files are backed up to non-NTFS devices.
* Added new auto-diagnosis feature for "Unable to Rename" error when backing up to non-Windows devices, such as NAS and SAMBA.
* Added new auto-diagnosis feature for failing EFS backups.
* Other small changes.