ZonedOut is a utility that will allow you manage Internet Explorer's restricted sites.
With ZonedOut, you can Add, Delete, Import, Export, Build a WhiteList and More!

Why ZonedOut is useful?
If you are using any program (e.g. SpywareBlaster, Spybot Search & Destroy) or file (e.g. IE-SPYAD) that add list of bad sites in Internet Explorer's restricted zone, you will find ZonedOut useful! There are times we want to whitelist a site but the Internet Explorer's restricted sites' manager do not have “search utility“. You will find yourself scrolling or mess with Windows Registry Editor or use notepad to manually edit out what you don't want to be in restricted sites. With ZonedOut's search function, you'll just search for the URL and viola, you can delete it using ZonedOut or add it in whitelist. The whitelist editor will keep the URL for you. The next time a new definition or updated restricted sites is released, you don't need to do it all over again. It can be imported as a complete list or parsed against your whitelist.

General Usage Notes:
-Put ZonedOut.exe in its own directory. There is no installation. Simply delete the directory to "uninstall"

Selections -In the List Controls, holding Ctrl while selecting allows for multiple line selection. Shift will allow you to select in groups.

White List and Import, Export files - These are plain text files that can be edited with an external editor. The White List ("zwhite.txt") can be imported just like any other file.

-Text files for import can contain Remark lines - they are designated by "**" - two asterisks

What's New:

* Sites in Local Machine Key Zones apply to all users of a Computer. Current User Key Zone Sites Only apply to the individual users. When switching ZonedOut to operate on the Local Machine Key, ZonedOut is actually telling Internet Explorer (via the registry) to Use the Local Machine Key instead of the Current User Key.
* Leaving ZonedOut set to the Local Machine key when you exit ZonedOut means that Sites loaded into the Current User Key are Ignored completely by IE. It is, and will remain an option to leave your computer set to Use the Local Machine Key only - However I do not recommend it in any case. ZonedOut will always warn you if you are exiting ZonedOut with your machine set to use the Local Machine Key.
* Also note that Sites can be imported/added to the Local Machine Key if they exist in the Current User Key, However the opposite is not true i.e. If you try to import sites into the Current User key that exist in the Local Machine Key - they will Fail to import.