AMUST Registry Cleaner introduces a new approach to Windows registry maintenance that combines the latest technology and deep knowledge of the system registry to reach an unparalleled level of system performance and problem resolution, while being absolutely safe to use.

AMUST Registry Cleaner rapidly scans your registry for any problems and safely gets rid of them in minutes, keeping your registry clean. AMUST Registry Cleaner's features:

- error removal
- windows registry fix
- performance augmentation

AMUST Registry Cleaner engine is built on SmartScan(TM) technology that provides for analysis of every vital part of the registry to find problems and bottlenecks that interrupt normal system operation. SmartScan(TM) is based on a sophisticated algorithm that provides for error prone problem detection and resolution, making it an ideal instrument for registry repairs.

Other features include:

- IntelliCompact(TM)
- Undo
- Intuitive Interface

What's New:

1. Full support for Windows 64-bit edition
2. Detect and clean non-removable, aka Embedded-null registry keys
3. SmartScan engine improvements
Added value product
4. AMUST Disk Cleaner