The best DVD player software for high-quality video playback, WinDVD delivers a more lifelike and exhilarating entertainment experience. Enjoy home movies or the latest Hollywood blockbusters with superior picture quality and razor-sharp audio performance. Take your flicks on the go with laptop features that make sure your batteries don’t run out before the movie. Plus, watch videos right from your camera, camcorder or DVD—no downloading required!

* Watch home movies or the latest Hollywood blockbuster DVDs
* Enjoy crystal-clear video
* Experience the crisp sound quality of Dolby® Digital Sound
* Watch movies wherever you are with battery optimization for your laptop
* Play movies in popular audio and video formats
* Get hands-on with Windows® 7 touch-screen features

Spellbinding Video and Audio Quality

* Top Video Technologies
Intel® Clear Video™ and nVidia® Pure Video™ graphics acceleration for the ultimate in High-Definition Playback.

* Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Support
Multitask and still enjoy smooth video with the latest Intel® chips.

* TrimensionDNM Advanced
Experience crisp, judder-free video with Digital Natural Motion, the most advanced motion video technology.

* Cinematic effect
Provides a more "film look" playback.

* Progressive De-interlace
WinDVD has superior deinterlacing options to make sure your videos look great on any kind of screen.

* SmartStretch
Fills your widescreen TV when viewing 4:3 movies, by intelligently stretching only the edges of the video and maintaining the center portion of the image.

* Video Effects
Customize and improve the look of your film with Cinema Enhancement, Old Film, Sharpness, deinterlacing, and more!

Great Audio Features

* Superior Audio Center
WinDVD 8 provides a centralized audio controller which incorporates all the great audio features. It includes support for Dolby® Digital, Dolby® Headphone, Dolby® Virtual Speaker, DTS® Digital Surround Sound and SRS® TruSurround XT for a full, immersive listening experience.

* Speaker Control
Adjust the sound balance of your speakers and get the best out of your digital home entertainment experience.

* SRS audio technologies
The SRS audio technologies in WinDVD 8 enhance the dialog quality of a movie or the rich bass tones of your music.

* 96 kHz/24 Bit Audio Decoding
WinDVD takes care of the audiophiles out there by supporting 96 kHz/24 bit audio decoding.

* IVHP (InterVideo Headphone)
Experience superior surround sound with InterVideo’s IHP technology, offering a virtual surround sound effect on standard headphones.

* InterVideo Hall Effect
WinDVD 8 Platinum has presets for three types of "audio spaces": Sydney Theater, Chicago Theater and New York Theater. Users can further adjust the room size and audio warmth for a personalized listening environment.

Universal Format Support

The Latest in Video formats
Play HD or standard definition video encoded in any of a range of formats, recorded from HDTV, camcorder, or downloaded from the Web.

* Standard Definition Video
Play your video clips in any of the standard-definition formats, including DVD-Video, DivX®, Real® Player, 3GPP, QuickTime®, Windows Media, AVI, MPEG 4.

* H.264 Support
WinDVD 8 Platinum supports H.264, the next-generation disc standard. This provides the most efficient encoding of standard as well as High-Definition video.

* 3GPP/3GPP2 File Format Support
Preview the video you captured from your mobile phone, or clips that were sent to you!

* HDTV Support
WinDVD 8 can navigate and decode MPEG2 Transport Stream video so users can watch captured HDTV programs. WinDVD 8 also provides navigation tools so users can easily select content to view.

* Subtitle Control
Watch downloaded AVI, WMV, or DivX file with external subtitle files. These files are typically downloaded separately, and WinDVD 8 not only merges the subtitle file with the movie, but allows you to adjust the placement, subtitle color and size.

The Most Dynamic Audio
Bask in glorious sound with support for Dolby®, DTS and SRS Technologies

* Dolby Digital EX
WinDVD allows you to enjoy the highest quality audio by expanding 5.1 channel sources to up-to 8 Channel (7.1) speaker systems.

* Dolby Pro Logic IIx
Takes 2-channel (stereo) audio from movies and music and transforms it into 5.1 channel surround sound that you can pipe through your home theater set up. Choose Movie or Music modes to optimize your listening experience.

* Dolby Virtual Speakers
Dolby Virtual Speaker technology uses an advanced psychoacoustics algorithm to create a compelling 5.1 surround sound environment using two speakers only.

* Dolby Headphone
Combines 5.1 surround signals to create a vivid surround sound environment on standard headphones.

* DTS 2.0 Audio
Support 2-channel digital sound for titles with DTS technology.

What's New:

WinDVD Pro 2010 offers new performance enhancements and better power management create a smoother, higher quality DVD software experience
Faster and Smoother DVD Playback

The latest GPU/CPU enhancements make WinDVD faster and DVD playback smoother than ever before.
Advanced Upscaling

Upscale your DVD collections to fit your HD display—regardless of the platform—with Corel's new high-performance upscaling technology that takes SD video up to near-HD quality.
Simple New Design

The world's #1 video and DVD player software now features a new design to simplify your DVD software experience. Enjoy the movie even more with easier and faster access to controls. New support for Windows® 7 touch-screen features even lets you access all of WinDVD's controls with the touch of a finger. See for yourself!
Advanced Power Management

A new DVD software power scheme for Windows Vista® and Windows® 7 maximizes battery life without compromising video quality. Now you can now catch the end of that movie in vivid detail, even on battery mode.
Camcorder Playback

Forget the hassle of showing friends your videos on a small camera or camcorder screen—just plug in and press Play! Without any downloading, WinDVD 2010 lets you plug in your camera and playback videos directly on your PC for all to see.