MaxiVista is a dual monitor software and can turn your Laptop or Tablet PC into an additional monitor of your primary PC:

Your productivity will be increased instantly - Toolbars and program windows can be moved and extended across both screens as they would be one big monitor. Just connect up to four PCs via network and enjoy the extended desktop real estate.


  • Program windows can be spreaded over both displays to avoid switching back and forth between overlapping applications. Your productivity will be increased up to 50% No Hardware required
  • MaxiVista is completely software based and the most cost-effective Dual Monitor solution available. No need to buy expensive displays, extra video cards or a monitor KVM switch Easy to install
  • MaxiVista is ready to use within a minute. No need to open your PC to install video cards. MaxiVista works flawlessly with any PC combination of Desktop-, Laptop- or Tablet PC High performance
  • The patent-pending Virtual VGA technology guarantees an unexpected display performance. Even video playback runs smoothly across the network New: Giant screen resolution
  • MaxiVista (full version only) now offers linking up to four PCs to get a giant desktop up to 12,800x1,200 pixel screen resolution
  • New: Screen mirroring
  • MaxiVista (full version only) allows to mirror the screen content to another PC across a network. Ideal for presentations: A speaker's laptop screen content can be sent to another PC attached to a Projector via Wireless LAN Perfect display quality
  • The display quality is crystal-clear as the screen is transmitted digitally like a DVI monitor. There is no signal loss normally caused by digital-analog conversion

What's New:

The best thing first: All new features have been implemented without bloating the program. We carefully reviewed and optimized the engine 'under the hood' and MaxiVista is still as compact and efficient as always.

  • Enhanced clipboard synchronization
  • MaxiVista now also synchronizes formatted text, bitmaps and files (Windows XP/Vista only) between the computer's clipboards:
  • Exchanging data between PCs never has been as easy.
  • Improved Remote Control
  • The Viewer program can now operate as a Windows service which allows you to log onto a locked secondary PC:
  • You can also send CTRL-ALT-DEL to the secondary PC.
  • New displaying options
  • MaxiVista supports latest widescreen resolutions and ultra high virtual resolutions (up to 4,800x2,400 pixels) with new zoom/shrink-to-fit auto-panning modes and a freely resizable viewer program in window mode:
  • Up to 50% performance boost
  • New Intel-optimized compression algorithms and the network parameter optimizer increase the performance of the extended screen playback up to 50%:
  • Optimizer dialog
  • Wallpaper background pictures are now cached on the secondary PC for increased performance and to reduce network load. If using the JPEG compression method, MaxiVista recognizes areas of sharp contrast such as text areas and displays it without any JPG artefacts.
  • MaxiVista goes Vista
  • MaxiVista does now also work on Windows Vista and 64 bit operating systems. Please note, that Windows Vista is only supported in classic display mode with legacy WDM drivers. Aero/Glass cannot be supported as it would require a hardware accelerated video driver.

Additional improvements

  • MaxiVista now remembers the last used mode (extended screen vs. remote control vs. mirroring)
  • Deactivation of extended screen can now be configured when secondary PC is being locked
  • Screensaver synchronization between the computers
  • Detailed network parameters settings to tweak performance
  • Customizable hotkeys for all major options
  • Plus numerous internal optimzations...