Protect your digital pictures the fastest and safest way.

The photo stealing is a real problem. How often we find our pictures on foreign sites after we've published them on the web! And this happens even if we've published just their samples. So protection of digital pictures is very important. The most efficient way is to visibly watermark your files. This method is time-proved and has inestimable advantages.


  • Safety – there is no way to take away embedded watermark. Once watermark is embedded it stays there forever.
  • High watermarking speed.
  • Free advertising – your logo and web site address will appear in many places on the web, magazines and other media. Each time someone print your photo, it advertise you.
  • No need of image tracking. When you invisibly watermark your files, image tracking is absolutely necessary. It is the only way you can prevent illegal use. Visible Watermark are always shown, so there is no need of tracking.
  • Low cost – it is much lower than invisible watermarks do. And there is no need of tracking.