Products of the PC Activity Monitor™ (PC Acme™) line are designed for invisible and undetectable monitoring of PC users' activity. PC Acme™ software works under Windows 2000/XP operating systems. All the data collected by the program module for invisible monitoring, called "agent", are saved to the hidden encrypted log file located on the machine under monitoring. The monitoring agent works in the background transparently for the user, on the level of OS kernel driver. All PC Acme™ surveillance products support UNICODE, i.e. they are able to capture information written in languages with hieroglyphic writing, like Chinese. PC Acme™ computer monitoring software products are well-protected against anti-monitoring tools. They are completely invisible, and even an experienced user cannot locate, stop or destroy this monitoring program. Information from the invisible log file after it has been decoded and processed, is entered to the database. Reports from the database are converted into HTML format.

PC Acme™ software products have unique monitoring features that favourably distinguish them from other monitoring software:

Interception of all languages (UNICODE support)
Window text capturing
Keystroke capturing
Clipboard capturing
Capturing of text from Microsoft Office documents
Internet monitoring (visited web-sites)
Recording of e-mails, instant messengers and chats
Recording of system logon name/password
High transparency and invisibility in the system
Smart-looking reports converted into HTML format
Archiving of recorded data stored in the database
Silent installation of the monitoring agent
Client/server architecture
Remote monitoring via a network
Centralized data storage, processing and analyzing
Secure transmission of log files