CleanCache will clean:

- Temporary Internet Files and index.dat
- Internet Explorer History and index.dat
- Internet Explorer Cookies (with selective save) and index.dat
- Typed URLs (with selective save)
- Internet Explorer Form AutoComplete (using either CleanCache 3.0 built in AutoComplete deletion or by using IE's built in function)
- Works with all Internet Explorer based browsers (shell browsers)
- Mozilla/Netscape/Firefox cache files
- Mozilla/Netscape/Firefox history
- Mozilla/Netscape/Firefox autocomplete
- Mozilla/Netscape/Firefox cookies new
- Mozilla/Netscape/Firefox saved passwords
- Mozilla/Netscape typed urls
- Recent Documents
- Start Run History
- Search History
- Users Temporary Directory
- Windows Temporary Directory
- Root Temporary Directory
- Registry MRUs
- Recycle Bins
- Clipboard
- Windows XP Prefetch new
- UserAssist registry entries new
- Windows Media Player
- Word Pad
- Microsoft Office applications
- Create additives to delete user specified files/directories and registry entries
- Automatically save cookies if they match your IE favorites
- Secure file deletion using single, DoD and Gutmann wiping algorithms. Files are overwritten, renamed 26 times then deleted
- Stealth mode
- Modify the appearance of CleanCache to any color


* Selectively delete UserAssist registry entries new
* Manage startup entries new
* Remove invalid software entries in the Add/Remove control panel list new
* Select files to securely wipe new
* Delete invalid entries in the installed software registry keys new

What's New:

Corrected IE history cleaning problem

Corrected BIG bug in secure deletion/renaming

Contains many small bug fixes concerning the tools tab along with the start of official Additives support.