Rip CDs or convert music into your favourite format

Insert your favourite music cd into your computer and click the record button to start ripping. You can also use the encoder to convert files to other digital formats. Select the files you want to convert and drag them into the encoder window or click the convert button on the playlist.

Keep your music files clean with the track editor

The track editor allows you to edit single tracks or groups of tracks at the same time. It will also rename your physical files, import filename to use in tag and if your tags are still incomplete you can use the autotag feature which is powered by Gracenote CDDB.

More control with Skin Layouts

If you like certain configurations of Quintessential Player, now you can save them and call on them whenever you please. Place the player anywhere on your screen with the desired extensions open and click ‘Save Current Layout’.

Organize the songs you'll hear with the Playlist Editor

One of the most powerful features in Quintessential player is the Playlist. Quickly organize what you want to hear by dragging, blocking, pruning or adding tracks to your playlists. Right clicking tracks on the playlist opens up more options to help you to organize your collection. Simply tell Quintessential Player where your playlists are stored and have your entire collection at hand.

Save your desktop space when using the Remote

Get all the power of Quintessential Player but with 1/10th the desktop space. Using the new skinning engine the remote can stretch revealing as much information as you want to see.

What's New:

  • fixed bugs - #1833
  • added plugin - centralized stream saving plugin
  • updated core - Winamp IPC emulation fixes and updates
  • added ML - 'Recent' module for tracking lastest plays, adds, and more
  • added ML - column sorting indicator for long duration sorts
  • fixed ML - saves stream metadata in ML more effectively