Intel® Active Monitor is an alerting utility created by Intel and available exclusively on Intel® Desktop Boards1. As PCs increase in performance and decrease in size, monitoring the cooling and overall system health becomesmore important. The Intel Active Monitor works with specialized sensors on your Intel Desktop Board to constantly monitor the system's temperatures, power supply voltages, and fan speeds. If temperatures become extremely hot or asystem fan or power supply fails, the user is immediately notified.

In addition to displaying cooling information, Intel Active Monitor makes it easy for a user to identify the processor type and speed, look up desktop board, chipset, and memory information, and customize the alerts that may begenerated and their thresholds. The Intel Active Monitor utility requires less than 1% of system resources.

Note: Before you upgrade your computer's operating system to Windows XP, be sure to first uninstall the previous version of Intel Active Monitor as described in the README.txt file.

Note: Users with Intel® Pentium® 4 processors with 512KB cache or Intel® Celeron® processors in the 478-pin package should use Intel Active Monitor v1.17 or later for proper processor identification.

Attention only Microsoft* Windows* XP Users: Intel Active Monitor may not work or uninstall properly if you have upgraded your system from Windows NT* or Windows 2000, or if you have installed an earlier Intel ActiveMonitor (prior to version 1.15) on a Windows XP system. Please download and run this patch [EXE 1.2 MB] on your XP system to help solve the aboveproblems. After running this patch, please upgrade to the latest version of Intel Active Monitor for the best support of Microsoft Windows XP.

For product issues, please check our list of Frequently Asked Questions, Error Messages and Possible Causes or Troubleshooting Tips, or visit the Intel customer support website for issues with specific desktop boards.

Intel Active Monitor does not support Intel desktop boards based on 915G, 915P, 925X, and future chipsets. For hardware monitoring on these boards, use Intel Desktop Utilities

1Not available on all Intel Desktop Boards. Check your individual board product CD for availability.