If you are familiar with XChat for UNIX/GTK+/X Windows, then you will be at home with X-Chat Aqua.

X-Chat Aqua uses the IRC engine from XChat and has been designed to look and feel like XChat.

As time goes by, I expect that I will add features that are not necessarily part of XChat.

What's New:

* Smarter algorithm for selecting a tab after closing the front tab.
* [1287935] implemented /lastlog command (CL)
* Universal binary
* New server list
* Pref for /part all channels on sleep
* Prefs for keys that switch tabs
* irc:// protocol support fixed
* Auto away
* mIRC color protocol bug (Eugene Pimenov)
* UTF8 tab completion fix
* nick completion sort pref (A-Z, last spoke)
* mIRC reverse color protocol fix (Matteo Panella)