With Blue Crab you can download all the content including HTML, PDF, graphics, video, file archives, etc., or use powerful selective filtering to restrict downloads to specific kinds of files. For example, you can choose to save only the JPEG images Blue Crab finds, or just the PDFs.

Starting with a single URL Blue Crab begins traversing the site by following the links on the HTML pages it finds. Blue Crab does not stray off the domain of the starting URL; in other words it won't download the whole web! Moreover, you can restrict Blue Crab to a subset of the given website.

Blue Crab is gentle on the server. It processes only one URL at a time and may be configured to grab resources at preset time intervals.


  • Conduct fast offline browsing and searching without an internet connection.
  • Create a snapshot of a website for historical archiving.
  • Collect specific types of resources such as images.
  • Search current content more thoroughly than a search engine right on your own computer.
  • Check a site for broken links, or generate an HTML sitemap.

What's New:

  • Changed the method of renaming duplicate files when imaging URLs in the Batch Download window.
  • Removed the Help menu item for Version History notes.