Redstone Software offers this VNC server for use with Eggplant: The solution for cross-platform automation and testing.

If you've ever thought that it would be convenient to generate scripts that could interact with the remote VNC machine through the interface exactly the way a user can - then that's what Eggplant is! It's a powerful tool for cross-platform automation and testing.

What's New:
* Added GUI Support to Establish Reverse Connections to listening VNC Viewers: You can now add as many listening hosts as you want directly from the GUI.
* Converted OSXvnc to a full Universal Binary For Improved Intel performance.
* Added a mode to force backward compatibility to older protocol versions (3.3).
* Added a flag to disable the screen saver while clients are connected.
* Fixed a problem with screen updates on INTEL Prerelease 10.4.2 and above.
* Fixed a problem with Jaguar Extensions(Bonjour) when first "Configuring the Startup Item", worked on subsequent boots.
* Fixed a problem with the "ConnectHost" option when specifying IPv4 addresses or host names which resolved to IPv4.
* Fixed a problem where the application could user CPU cycles even when no user was connected.
* Fixed a problem with IPv6 host names not showing up
* Fixed a problem with repeated crashes not exiting the keep-alive script.