DiscBlaze 6.1.6 for Mac OS X

An easy to use application for burning data to CD’s and DVD’s.


Quick Facts

Free to Try
Older Mac OS
593 KB
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DiscBlaze can write CDs and DVDs in the following formats:

- Mac (HFS+)
- PC (Joliet)
- MP3 CD
- Save as a disc image (Pro only)
- ISO 9660
- Mac/PC Hybrid (Pro only)
- Audio CD UDF (Pro only) / (Requires MacOS X 10.4)


· Burn data CDs and DVDs.
· Burn Audio CDs.
· Burn multiple sessions to the same CD (including mixed Audio/Data CDs).
· Discs list system for managing your commonly burned discs.
· Burn an existing .ISO, .TOAST, .CDR or .NRG disc image file.
· Create a new .ISO, .DMG or .CDR disc image file (requires MacOS X 10.3).
· Make an .ISO, .DMG or .CDR image of an existing folder or volume (requires MacOS X 10.3).
· Burn discs that can be read on Macs, PCs or both (including true custom hybrids).
· Erase re-writable media (such as CDRW discs) for re-use.
· Easily burn multiple copies of the same disc.
· Incredibly fast and easy to use!

What's New:

· Updated to reflect new pricing ($19.95)
· Updated to point to DiscBlaze.com
· Fixed a bug related to Growl notifications.


· MacOS X 10.4 or higher (Intel or PPC)
· A CD burner (for CD burning capability) or DVD burner (for DVD burning capability) compatible with MacOS X. (If your CD/DVD burner works with iTunes or the Finder it will work with DiscBlaze.)
· 700 MB of free HD space to burn roughly 80 minutes of Audio to CD.