There's now an MSN Toolbar for Microsoft Office Outlook, the MSN Deskbar in the Windows taskbar, and an MSN Toolbar that works in both Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer. With Toolbars in these three places, you can start your search and find your pages more quickly than ever before.

Desktop Search lets you find anything on your computer, fast
Ever gotten frustrated trying to find something on your computer? MSN Deskbar includes the Desktop Search feature, which lets you search your computer as easily as you search the Web. A single keyword search will find anything on your computer---even within e-mail messages and their attachments. And Desktop Search is so fast that it makes organizing your documents, messages, and other items into folders practically unnecessary. For more information, see Find files and e-mail messages on your computer.
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Automatic form fill manages personal information and passwords
Typing personal details into web forms can be a pain---and so can managing passwords for all the sites you go to. MSN Toolbar lets you save address, sign-in, and credit card information and fills out web forms for you. Password management means that signing in to websites is a breeze. Your personal information is safer because it is protected with a password you create. For more information, see About filling out forms on the Web.
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Pop-up Blocker prevents bothersome advertisements
If you've been plagued by the number of advertisements that get in your way while you surf the Web, this is the tool for you. A single click banishes those pop-up windows forever. And because some pop-up windows are legitimate, it's easy to ensure that pop-ups you want to see don't get blocked. For more information, see About Pop-up Blocker and blocking pop-up windows.
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Highlight helps skim through result pages
Highlighting makes it easier to find what you're looking for on the Web by coloring each search word that appears on the web results page. The highlights make skimming through results much quicker. And the highlight viewer shows a thumbnail of the page, so you can quickly jump to the places that interest you.