X-Cleaner is hands-down the most robust and feature packed anti-spyware and system cleaning tool on the planet. It has been referred to as the swiss-army knife for privacy minded consumers.

You can shred files, picture, old system artifacts, temp files and cookies. You can clean other program artifacts and X-cleaner let's you inoculate your system against rogue Active-X controls.

The program doesn't stop there but supports full adware, malware and spyware scanning, plus removal and encyclopedia look-up! And to make it more powerful a suite of features for advanced users is included.

To make it truly powerful X-Cleaner offers a full year of access to their mobile scanning solution so you can check a PC from anywhere! Unlike many other companies X-Cleaner also offers frequent updates and to all current members in good-standing.

This is all backed-up by our friendly e-mail based tech support. If you run into a problem our award-winning tech support will work with you every step of the way to help you out. You will be working with trained anti-spyware technicians who are extremely experienced on the spyware market.

Take a look at a few screen shots from X-Cleaner and we think you'll be impressed and agree why X-Cleaner is number one. Remember you also get access to the mobile anti-spy technology so you make sure you are safe no matter where you are!

X-Cleaner Features:

* Remove traces of movie files, pictures viewed and hidden files...
* Detect and remove spy software that logs your private activity
* Find and remove pornographic content on your computer
* Permanently erase files with a military file shredder
* Stop password theft know if users are snooping your keystrokes!
* Break spyware Passcodes find out WHO is spying on you
* Stealthy! So small you can take it with anywhere or scan online!
* Ad-ware Prevention - stop adware from activating

This program has been discontinued by its developer, no support is available.