Hot CPU Tester is a burn-in diagnostic tool which tests the CPU, as well as virtually all parts of the motherboard for errors, bugs and defective parts. It is a burn-in test program designed with the state-of- the- art DefectTrack engine. DefectTrack is a technology developed by 7Byte Computers to assess a system's stability and general health. Hot CPU Tester is currently being used in a variety of labs and governmental organizations around the world, as a reliable diagnostic and trouble shooting program.


* Revolutionary DefectTrack 2 engine, accurately tests the whole system and its subsets.
* Written purely to test CPU, chipset, motherboard, Memory
* Fully supports x64 computing platform(AMD64 Technology,Intel® EM64T)
* Fuly supports dual-core and multi-processor systems
* Fully supports Hyper-Threaded processors
* Utilizes SSE,SSE2, SSE3, MMX & 3DNow! instructions sets
* Tests L1 & L2 Cache
* Tests System Bus & Memory Bus
* Tests Chipset along with motherboard
* Tests Hard Disk Drives
* Monitors CPU performance under pressure
* Built in Anti-Crash & Exception Handler
* Comprehensive Benchmark tests
* SMBIOS & CPUID featured
* LiveSupport

What's New:

* Improved support for Windows Vista™
* Improved support for the newer Intel® processrs:
* Intel Xeon™ (Codename: Penryn)
* Intel Core™ 2 Extreme (Codename: Yorkfield)
* Intel Core™ 2 Quad (Codename: Yorkfield)
* Intel Core™ 2 Duo (Codename: Wolfdale)
* Improved support for the following AMD® processrs:
* Atlon™ 64 X2(Codename: Windsor)
* Atlon™ 64 FX (Codename: Windsor)
* Atlon™ 64 (Codename: Orleans)
* Sempron™ (Codename: Manila)
* Improved Hard Disk module test to detect SATA controller problems faster now
* Fixed a bug that caused memory burn-in to crash
* Due to 32bit limitations amount of memory to be tested is set below 4GB only
* Small cosmetic changes