Over time Virtue developed (and keeps developing) into a full featured virtual desktop manager able to compete with commercial variants of its kind.

DesktopManager served as the inspirational source at first, so be sure to visit their site to check them out as well.


· Virtual Desktops - Unlimited number of desktops to your disposal
· Eye Candy - Exciting transitions and window fading
· AppleScript - Let AppleScript work for you...
· Sleek - Virtue does not clutter your desktop area
· Extensible - Install plugins to add additional features
· Expose - Works well with Expose
· Keeps you informed - Overlay notifications and current desktop display
· Stickies - Have windows and applications on all desktops.

What's New:

· Renamed the “Extensions” preferences to “Plugins” (which is what they really will be).
· PowerPC users should be exempt from the endless authentication craziness (although the question remains as to how many people are actually getting full functionality if the dock code isn’t inserting properly). I’m not sure if anything will change for Intel users yet.
· There is a first sweep at integrated Ambient Light Sensor (ALS) switching. If your laptop has a backlit keyboard, you can try enabling this from the “Application Preferences”. Make sure you set the sensitivity accordingly (I recommend about 25% of the way along).

· Updated localisations and user interface to better accommodate languages other than english.