Memtest is licensed under the Gnu Public License and is distributed with source code. This program was originally authored by Charles Cazabon for Linux platforms. The MacOS X port is maintained and enhanced by Tony Scaminaci.

Memtest 4.1 contains three executable binaries, each optimized for the G3, G4, and G5 processors. The correct binary for your Mac is automatically invoked and for anyone running Tiger on a G5 system, Memtest will execute in 64-bit mode and can test the full amount of ram installed in your system.

What's New:

* Addition of a new Linear PRN test which fills the entire test space with non-repeating pseudorandom data. This test could help identify latent failures earlier in the testing process.
* Addition of an intelligent command-line parser to reduce dependence on the order of command-line arguments. This will assist new users of unix-style command line programs and hopefully reduce inadvertant errors.
* Each memtest run now reports the total execution time. If a user wishes to determine how long it will take to run a number of passes on a given system, run one pass and use that number to estimate the run time of mulitple passes.