It also has some other feature like adding thumbnail to the movie file from the current scene you are watching.


· Play QuickTime movie (.mov), Flash movie (.swf), Mpeg movie (.mpg), GIF Animation (.gif), MP3 music (.mp3), MP4 music with AAC coded (.m4p) and many other multimedia files.
· Movie window can be resized to enlarge/reduce movie view size.
· You can add thumbnail icon to a movie file from the scene you are watching
· You can easily set the desktop picture from the scene you are watching

What's New:

· Added toolbar buttons to the movie window.
· Added enlarge/reduce view size commands.
· Added support for wheel mouse to enlarge/reduce view size.
· Added set/restore desktop picture commands.
· Added copy command, which copy the current scene to the Clipboard as a picture.
· Added Preference dialog and an option to decide whether to start movie automatically or not.
· Fixed not to show the 'QuickPlay...' context menu if still images like JPEG files are selected. The old version showed the context menu even for the obvious still images.
· Now clicking window's close box will always finish the operation and return to the Finder
· Changed the way to create movie window from dynamic to NIB file base.
· Clean up the source code and fixed some minor bugs.