You Control allows you to turn a corner of your Mac into a one stop information center. In fact, You Control lets you create custom menus in the menu bar, a corner of your screen or any where your mouse is that gives you access to the information that means the most to you

This is the clock that Apple should have made for you. But since they didn't, we did. After you use the You Control Clock module, you'll wonder how you ever used your Mac without it.

Like all of the other You Control modules, you can control how the clock looks including the font and color. You can add mutliple time zones to your clock menu so you can keep tabs on your friends or remote offices. Need to see a calendar view quickly? Don't open your PIM, just click on the Clock menu and get an instant view of the current month, next month, or any number of months you want to see.

Your music library is large and you have lots of songs to choose from. Yet you don’t live in iTunes and you shouldn’t have to switch back to iTunes from Photoshop (or any other app) just to change a song, adjust the volume or pause your favorite tune when the phone rings. Now you don’t have to. With the iTunes utility module, you can control iTunes from any menu or customized set of hot keys that you define. Pause, play, rewind or skip any song from within any application. Plus you'll get some groovy eye candy each time your song changes.

If you spend a lot of time copying and pasting text and images between different applications, you know that Mac OS X limits you to copying one piece of data at a time requiring lots of round trips between your applications. You Control's Pasteboard utility allows you to copy up to 50 pieces of text or graphics and then access those items so you can copy them back into any application. Talk about a time saver!.

Need to find a phone number, email or physical address in a hurry? There's no need to stop what you are doing and open the Address Book. The You Control Address Book module allows you to get quick access to all of your contacts and groups. You have complete control over which data fields are displayed in your menus. Just want to see names and phone numbers? Only names and email addresses? Everything including company name, address and phone number? No problem. You Control's Address Book module will even help you find a map of the address in question.

You Control includes several utilities that take advantage of your high-speed connection to the Internet. Get up to the minute news headlines using the RSS Newsreader. Stay on top of your favorite stocks and never get caught off guard on the weather forecast. You Control brings all of this information directly to you and displays it directly in your menu bar.


- Enhance your clock
- Multiple time zones and formats as well as a calendar all in one.
- Control over iTunes
- Access your iTunes playlists and controls without switching to iTunes.
- The ultimate pasteboard
- Instant access to your last 50 copied items to be pasted anywhere.
- Find contact info fast
- Quickly find contact contact information for anybody in your Address Book. Even get a map with directions.
- Stay on top of the news
- View all of your favorite news headlines directly in the menu bar or in a menu.
- Never miss an appointment
- Instantly see your schedule without going to iCal.
- View weather conditions
- Get current weather conditions and forecasts for any city in the world.
- Quick access to Mail
- See how many unread emails you have. Open them or instantly mark as junk or as read.
- Assign hot keys to folders
- Navigate your entire hard drive in a menu and assign hot keys to your favorite folders.
- Enhance Fast User Switching
- Have a long user name? Change it to an icon or anything else you want with this module and reclaim your menu bar.
- Fast access to System Prefs
- Access your System Prefs faster than ever. Go directly to the preference pane you want to modify without looking all over for it.
- Be a power user
- Get detailed process information at the click of a mouse.
- Keep track of your stocks
- It's never been easier to keep track of your favorite stocks. Set up a menu to scroll through your stocks just like you see on tv.
- Recall recently used files and apps
- Access the system's list of recent applications and documents from virtually anywhere.
- Organize your custom menus
- Needing to create some organization to your menus? It's easy to do with the included Divider module.

What's New:

- Fixed a crash that could occur for some users who upgraded their systems from Tiger to Leopard.
- Fixed problems that would prevent playing albums on iTunes 7.7 and above
- Added a new controller set
- Changed the default controller set for the QuickStart menu
- Fixed a bug introduced in 1.7 that could cause the registration dialog to appear twice.
- Assorted minor bug fixes.

Alternatively you can download the latest stable version of this software.