It provides greater power and flexibility than Windows native Find File Utility without the overhead of a database.

SearchWin finds files without using ancient DOS filename or wildcard parameters.

SearchWin allows multiple search terms which can be related with the standard Boolean operators: NOT, AND and OR.

If you use long descriptive file names, SearchWin can provide unequaled benefit and flexibility in helping you manage your files. SearchWin provides tools to manipulate the 'found files' list and the ability to print or save lists to a text or cvs file. Files found can be Dragged to another program or manipulated with the Windows Explorer Context Menus.


· Faster than native Windows file search
· Multiple search terms
· No DOS file specifications used for searches in native free-form text mode
· Provides optional DOS mode with wildcards for "die-hard" users.
· Search file names, the contents of files or both
· Can specify separate search terms for file names and file content
· User defined Custom Search Lists - any combination of local or network disk or folders
· User defined Exclusion Lists - folders or file types to skip during searches
· User defined list for file content searches - what types of files will be "searched in"
· Limit searches or search by file date or size
· View extended file information and content with "Mouse Over" a file name
· Ability to sort & modify results of a search
· Full Windows Explorer context menu available to manipulate results
· Drag & drop search result to another program
· Rename files within the search results list
· Print search results or save search results to text or comma delimited file.

What's New:

· There have been changes in how SearchWin processes the logical Operators of AND OR & NOT. The information in these two sections explain the changes and provide examples of correct usage.