MPlayer is a very fast media player for Linux, supporting wide variety of video and audio formats, with many features, low system requirements and all the codecs built in. Those who don't know the greatest media player ever just visit MPlayer home page

Why RulesPlayer:

* Media Player Classic is damn slow (with certain combinations of codecs), BSPlayer not much better
* ALShow doesn't support .srt subtitles
* MPUI is not very customizable and is ugly and not very fast...
* VLC's subtitles are awful
* MPlayer rules, but without GUI is useless


* Play almost every media file!
* No codecs needed !
* Great picture quality
* .And much more... take a look at MPlayer homepage

What's New:

* Fixed @ prefix now works per command instead of per line (which means "@cmd1 && @cmd2" is now valid instead of "@cmd1 && cmd2" to prevent both commands from echo)
* Fixed missing string for "stick on top" in lang_English.kfg
* Fixed bug in deleting playlist items
* Fixed and improved playlist saving
* Fixed bug in loading playlist where MPlayer was first item was started several times
* Added feature to remove the titlebar
* Added new commands to allow the context menus to be populated with some more dynamic menus: menu_audiotrack, menu_dvd, menu_language, menu_playdvd, menu_recent, menu_subtrack, menu_system
* Added some new junk to the default context menu
* Added new context menu - ctrl+mouse3 to display system menu about the file
* Added features to minimize/close/reside in tray
* Added pladd2 and pladdurl2 commands
* Added plsearch command
* Added a small utility to extract web tv channels
* Changed the logo (thanks to Tod)