Alternatively you can download the latest stable version of this software.

The configuration program is totally separated from the client for minimal memory usage. The program displays almost any kind of information right on your desktop/taskbar and homepage.

What's New:

* Logging can be enabled for the clients and config editors
* Vista Support
* ToolTips can now be used with mouse buttons (single and double click)
* Updated DTD for all the new xml sections in every meter type
* Additional input method using Scripts
* Console Meters can now run constantly running console programs and get the output
* Updated the Copy meter logic so the new meter names are not so long
* Instance Manager supports groups and z-Order (only pinned to desktop, normal and dock honour z-Ordering)
* Fixed a bug with Meter x/y width/height toggle arrows not updating the meters correctly
* Fixed a bug with Import Export form not loading language files
* Fixed a bug with Rulers not updating when using the Mouse Scroll Wheel
* Fixed a bug with icons not displaying correctly in the config editor
* Fixed a bug with the input wizard displaying the wrong form
* Fixed a bug with the reconnection logic on Remote Meters
* Fixed a bug with Access violations on drag and drop in the Meter List