Its features include CD ripping and burning, access to LAUNCHcast and the Yahoo! Music Unlimited music subscription service, playlist creation, transfer of music to select portable devices such as mp3 players and USB flash drives. The program allows Yahoo! Messenger users to stream music to one another (not to be confused with uploading and downloading or filesharing) and browse one another's playlists. Only those subscribed to Yahoo! Unlimited can add entire songs to their collections, however. The engine also has a number of plugins available for free download from the program's official website. The programming interfaces for the engine are open; anyone may create a plug-in or skin to modify the behavior of the engine.

What's new:

- Improved handling of album art lookups for local MP3 tracks
- Fixed a memory leak that would spring when YMJ was playing for a very long time
- Jukebox 2.2 should now install and run on 64-bit Vista systems
- When the player is maximized the close gadget X is now clickable all the way up to the upper right corner of the screen. That's usability progress!
- Over 100 other various quality fixes