It is good for everyone who need to perform a lot of file-work. Ideal for mac switchers who switched to Mac Mini from PC.

Disk Order is a tool that helps switchers gradually to get familiar with Mac interface and at the same time presenting them the features they are used to when working with file managers on PC.

It is useful not only for switchers but for notebooks owners too as it allows to perform most file operations with just keyboard.


  • Copy/Move/Delete/Link operations
  • Built-in Viewer (viewing html, rtf, mov, mp3, jpg, gif, tiff etc.)
  • Built-in Editor
  • Built-in FTP-client (create, upload, download, CHMOD, transfer mode, encodings, viewing files and so on...)
  • Sophisticated Drag'n-Drop
  • Color Marking support
  • System Index Utilizing Search
  • Command Line
  • Plug-in architecture (Terminal window, Burn CDs, Zip, Unzip, Untar etc.)
  • Usable interface (Eject buttons by volume names and FTP sessions, customizable toolbar, Drives panel)
  • Customizable main menu shortcuts
  • Two file selection modes (Mac native and Norton-Commander-like)
  • Compare Directories, wildcard selection.

What's New:

  • 10.9 Mavericks support
  • Select files with right mouse button
  • Open contextual menu with Option-key
  • Use masks to select/deselect files
  • Assign colors for different file types
  • Better color customization
  • Tabs reordering
  • New tabs design
  • Numbered lines in viewer and editor