IM-HISTORY is the first service on the globe for SAVING YOUR CHAT HISTORY ONLINE! People use it all over the world for managing history of almost any instant messenger. The service offers you powerful online storage, comfortable and easy surfing over your messages and contacts.

Now your history is:
- Accessible to you from any location
- Merged automatically from all your messengers
- In a safer and much more reliable storage than your HDD

IM-History Client Suite is easy to install and simple to manage. Your messages are stored on secure dedicated servers and nobody except you can access them.

- Online storage for your chat history: secure archive for sensitive data, cared by professionals, available 24/7 from anywhere
- Supported instant messengers: ICQ 99-2003a (Classic), ICQ 2003b (Pro), ICQ 4-5.1 (Lite), Windows Live Messenger (MSN 8.0-8.1), MSN Messenger 4.6-7.5, Windows Messenger (embedded into WinXP), Yahoo! Messenger, Skype, Miranda, QIP, Trillian.
- Quick search over messages and contacts
- Uploading existing history to the server
- Flexible configuration
Coming soon:
- Support for AIM, Google Talk, Pidgin (Gaim), Kopete and other popular instant messengers
- Support for mobile instant messengers
- More abilities to search, view and manage your history

The service is quickly evolving and becoming a standard component for numerous IM users. And the best thing about IM-History is that it's absolutely free, and there's no adware or functionality limitations.