It works as an extension to the Windows DreamScene Ultimate Extra that is available to all users of Windows Vista Ultimate. DeskScapes supports the new .Dream format. By default, Windows DreamScene supports MPEG and WMV videos as their content. The .Dream format supports adding triggers, author info, and dynamic content. Now users know if a given file has been designed to be an animated wallpaper -- if it uses the .Dream format, it's an animated wallpaper.


  • Extends Windows DreamScene to support dynamic animated wallpaper
  • Adds support for the new .Dream format -- know a file has been designed to be an animated wallpaper!
  • Supports event-based triggers for changing animated wallpapers
  • Free for Windows Ultimate users!

What's New:

  • Added new SAS activation and trial code
  • Adds support for Windows 8.1
  • Additional bundled wallpapers including a selection licensed from Vladstudio