It heavily resides on the capability of the End-user. In order to deploy Purge-It! at its full strength the user needs to know at least the basics.
Its up to the End-User to develop generic methods at monitoring the integrity of their system.

Antivirus Software relies on Fingerprints which is inadequate for today's hacker tools. Those fingerprints are easily changeable/modifiable and your Antivirus Software will not react. This is where Purge-It! comes into play.

Purge-it! allows the End-User to take a look inside his System, see what Programs are running, which Ports are open
The User does choose what happens to his system, and can clean himself from various Malware such as Backdoor, Trojans and Spyware.

Attention : This program has not been specifically designed for Beginners, though we did our best to prevent misusage by implanting checking mechanisms we do not recommend Purge-It! to beginners, they may learn about their OS and how it's operating by using Purge-It !, but they have to be careful with their actions.