People who use and love the Mac (and Mac OS X in particular) do so because of the sum of all the little things; the attention to detail that makes the Mac user experience superior.

Omni knows this, and built the only browser that has the same level of detail. OmniWeb draws on the full beauty of Mac OS X's Quartz graphics, and truly leverages the Aqua interface with drawers, sheets, customizable toolbars, and more.

OmniWeb comes with great on*screen help built right in to the application, accessible from the Help menu.

More than just a pretty face, OmniWeb comes packed with cool features that make your time on the web more efficient, and more fun. OmniWeb puts you in charge of your browsing experience rather than viewing you as a source of personal information and advertising revenue, as some other browsers do.


When you're viewing a bunch of web pages in a single window, you need to be able to differentiate between them easily. Because hey no one wants to open the wrong page in front of their boss. Yeah, most web browsers have tabs. It's just that ours kick more butt. In your tab drawer, thumbnail graphics make it a breeze to identify several web pages at once. You can quickly switch back and forth between them, change their position in the drawer, create new tabs on the fly, and even drag and drop tabs from one window to another. And when you have a whole boatload of pages in one window, you can change to a list mode so you don't have to scroll. Scrolling's for chumps.


We know what it's like to be working away when all of a sudden, it pops in your head: WHO WAS THAT GUY IN THE MOVIE ABOUT THE THING? You need to know, stat.

Sometimes you just need to search a particular website on the fly. Maybe you're in a tiramisurecipefinding contest! Um, or maybe you just need to find a stock quote or DVD review. With OmniWeb, you can build shortcuts to any searchable website, like Google or the Internet Movie Database. You can save space on your toolbar by typing your shortcut keywords into the location field, or you can create a Search Shortcut field where all your shortcuts are available from a drop down menu. Either way, you get what you're looking for on the double, and bonus: you look all Smarty Von Smartypants! ("Oh, Crom was played by Peter Jurasik. Duh.")

Ad Blocking

With OmniWeb, you can do much more than simply block those irritating "Click here to win!" ads. You can choose to view pop-ups only when you ask for them (ie, by clicking a link), you can tell OmniWeb to block any ad content coming from a known ad server, you can block all Flash content and much more.


Let's say you have 263 different web pages open. You're browsing away. You're on FIRE. But wait * what's this? You need to restart your computer? What about all the pages? Won't somebody think of the pages?

Calm down! If you're using OmniWeb, no problem. They're all still there. With our stylin' new Workspaces feature, you can save your individual browsing sessions in one handy location. When you create a workspace, OmniWeb saves information like which web pages you have in your tabs, your history, and even the location of the windows on your screen. You can drag and drop the contents of one workspace to another, and you can even email workspaces to other OmniWeb 5 users so you can share that Britney Spears collection. Not that you, um, have one, or anything.

Auto-Saved Browsing Sessions

When you're using OmniWeb, simply click a checkbox that says "Auto*save while browsing" to save your individual browsing sessions, like which web pages you have in your tabs, your history, and even the location and configuration of the windows on your screen. When you quit OmniWeb, all the information is saved, and upon launching again your entire workspace is restored just as you left it. This is especially useful when you need to restart to apply the latest Security Update or if you happen to (gasp) crash while browsing.


There's more to our bookmarks than just being able to save your favorite websites. Oh yes. MUCH more. We'd tell you, but then we'd have to kill you.

Or not. What, is this web page gonna whap you in the head, or something? Anyway, ahem * bookmarks. So! OmniWeb's bookmarks are more powerful than ever, with filtered views of bookmarks and history that lets you easily see your most visited web sites or all the bookmarked pages that have been updated since you last visited them. The Site Preferences bookmark collection lets you easily see and edit all sites for which you have set custom preferences. And, using Rendezvous, OmniWeb allows you to share your bookmarks with other OmniWeb users on your local area network.

RSS News Feeds

The RSS (Rich Site Summary, or Really Simple Syndication) format has arguably become the dominant format for distributing news headlines on the internet. Now you can use OmniWeb's built*in 'News Feed' bookmarks for viewing XML/RSS feeds from many popular web sites right in OmniWeb's bookmarks. It's a snap to stay on top of the latest website and blog headlines without having to use an external application. (Blog. Heh. We just like saying that. Blooooog.)

Site Preferences

Repeat after us: your web browser should not be a television. It's a software program. It should let you control stuff. I mean, who's in charge around here? The internet or YOU?

The web is chock full of annoying things like pop-up windows, text that's difficult to read, cookies that invade your privacy, and blinking banner ads that are apparently designed for the sole purpose of giving us all monstrous headaches. What if you could control all of that? Enter OmniWeb, and Site Preferences. On each individual domain you can customize how you interact with the content; change the text size, tell OmniWeb where to save downloads for a particular site, even specify which sites you want to allow pop-up windows and advertising on. You're the one who should be in control, so get out there and wield your newfound power.

What's New:

  • This release is primarily an update to the version of WebKit in use by OmniWeb. OmniWeb is now based on the same WebKit in use by Safari 3.1. This includes the latest security patches and features included with Safari 3.1.x such as downloadable fonts, CSS Animation, HTML 5 media tags and client side database storage.
  • When using Leopard's Spaces, OmniWeb will no longer switch spaces when entering a URL or creating a new workspace.
  • Added support for non*POSIX file URLs, improving compatibility with Dreamweaver and other Carbon and Classic apps.
  • Polished up the toolbar icons.
  • Google Chrome is now included in the list of user agents.