ll you have to do is simply click the check mark and your personal to-do list will drop down.


  • Easily accessible from the Mac OS X Menu Bar.
  • Allows creation of groups of items.
  • Each item can have its own note for more information.
  • Finder-like Labels.
  • iPod Synchronization so you can take your tasks on-the-go (iPod must support notes feature).

What's New:

  • menu bar mode. The app can be run as a menu bar app with no dock icon or menus. Note that this is the default mode now. In the general settings it can be switched to a normal app.
  • a hot key can be set to show and hide the main window
  • removed list transparency settings
  • now the list is saved in all cases when finishing editing or moving selections
  • updated the code that watches for file changes to be faster
  • sandboxed the application
  • updated the graphics to a newer, cleaner, retina ready set