CutX allows parents or network administrators to manage a keyword list. When a keyword is found in a web page, all pictures are automatically hidden.

CutX for Safari is an extension that allows you to hide X-Rated pictures or block X-Rated websites.

Now, you can rest more easily knowing your children or employees can safely explore the Web!

With CutX installed on a mac, you don't have to sit next to your child or employee and watch his or her every move or worry about potentially vulgar or distasteful pop-ups or messages.


- Designed for Apple Safari web browser
- Direct integration in the web browser allows the best performance and easier access to functions.
- Setup your lists of banned words or just use our online list updated weekly
- Setup authorized websites (cutX will be disabled when you are visiting them)
- Easily import banned words from a text file.
- Easily import authorized websites from a text file.
- Totally configurable security policy.
- Block the access to the preferences with a password
- Disable the downloading of applications or files
- Intelligent settings make Safari secure by default.