SpeedBit Video Accelerator is another groundbreaking product from the creators of Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) - pioneers of acceleration technology!


  • Reduces "movie freezes" and "buffering" problems!
  • Accelerates streaming videos from over 100 sites: YouTube, MySpace, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Facebook, iTunes (Premium), 5min, Reuters, Phtobucket, Tudou, Bebo, Break, ESPN, CNET TV, AOL, CNN, Discovery, Veoh and many more!
  • Bookmarks videos you've recently accelerated, for easy replays!
  • Includes cool search tab feature for finding videos to watch around the web, right from your desktop!
  • Video Accelerator for iTunes (Premium) accelerates the download of iTunes movies, music videos and TV shows up to 10 times faster!

What's New:

Fixed Issues:

  • When restarting Windows, VAEngine doesn't remove itself smoothly. - Fixed
  • After restarting Windows, SpeedBit Video Accelerator starts up in Disabled mode. - Fixed
  • The "See the supported videos services" link in the "About" window changed. - Fixed
  • Supporting YouTube videos under proxy mode (XP and Vista). - Fixed
  • VA with several Firewalls / Windows Vista doesn't accelerate some of the videos in YouTube. - Fixed
  • Occasionally VA tray icon stop to animate. - Fixed
  • Crash after the communication test. - Fixed
  • Crash after exiting VA. - Fixed
  • Occasionally gets stuck during accelerations. - Fixed
  • Slows the system shutdown. - Fixed
  • Stuck recovery mechanism. - Fixed
  • Solved ASK toolbar alert warning by Anti-Spyware/Anti-Virus. - Fixed
  • In Windows Vista, the search results sometimes opens in blank. Restarting SpeedBit Video Accelerator is required in order to refresh the search results. - Fixed
  • Windows Vista - Missing scroll bar in "Recently Accelerated" tab. - Fixed
  • Windows Vista - sometimes the "Clear List" link in "Recently Accelerated" tab seems to be inactive (colored gray instead of white). - Fixed
  • Crashes in Facebook.com - Fixed
  • When opening several browsers with YouTube videos, the pages don't load completely. - Fixed
  • When exiting from Video Accelerator and switching windows' user account, SpeedBit Video Accelerator communication test gets stuck in the middle of the process. - Fixed
  • On occasion, video gets stuck in the middle of acceleration. - Fixed
  • Occasionally, the VA tray icon animation and "Now accelerating" tray message don't stop displaying after acceleration is finished. - Fixed
  • Windows Vista - when running VA without internet connection, the "Try Again" link doesn't work. - Fixed
  • Windows Vista - when exiting VA from the system tray, the proxy settings in IE are not changed back to the originals. - Fixed
  • The "Recently Accelerated" list saves one video in the list. - Fixed
  • The "Disable Recently Accelerated List" checkbox in the settings window doesn't work. - Fixed
  • Crashes in SpeedBit Video Accelerator engine. - Fixed
  • Some of the antivirus may falsely detect SpeedBit Video Accelerator as Adware or Trojan. - Fixed
  • SpeedBit Video Accelerator uses too much memory. - Fixed

Known Issues:

  • VAEngine crashes after communication test in Windows XP with Kaspersky Internet Security v.6 + v.7.
  • Proxy mode - Occasionally, the acceleration and the playback of videos in YouTube.com stops after a few seconds.
  • When uploading videos, the progress bar finishes faster then the truly time that it takes.
  • Windows Vista – in gametrailers.com some videos are not accelerated by VA when selecting the Windows Media Player as the player for the video.
  • When using "Panda Antivirus + Firewall 2007/2008", Video Accelerator will only work with modified proxy settings in the browser.
  • Proxy mode – SpeedBit Video Accelerator can only work with modified proxy settings in IE browser.
  • In Premium mode, the "Now accelerating" tray message appears above its original location (just as if another tray message is open underneath).