With ShowMacster you can playback Quicktime movies, still images and sound clips during video chats.

ShowMacster enables you to send a live capture of (parts of) your current screen. All playbacks/streams will cut seamlessly into your current live picture from your Webcam.

NOTE: This version will run only on Macs with G4 or G5 CPUs!


- stream photos, movies, sounds and screen captures during your iChat video conference
- add files per drag & drop
- start slideshows instantly with Quickdrop.
- draw directly on streaming pictures
- create as many categories as you need to manage your media files.
- assign individual hotkeys to every single media clip
- use ShowMacster right within iChat.


- G4, G5 or Intel CPU (G3 may work, please try demo)
- iChat AV
- iChat enabled webcam

What's New:

- ShowMacster is now Leopard compatible.
- ShowMacster is now capable of sending audio directly to iChat (Tiger/Leopard only).
- New drawing tools (Circle, Rectangle, Line) in Sketchboard.
- New text tool in Sketchboard.
- Option to show mouse position when broadcasting setchboard.
- The sketchboard panel is now resizeable.
- New unified installer package for both, Panther and Tiger/Leopard.
- Fixed a bug preventing ShowMacster to stream media on newer Macs with built-in iSights.
- Fixed a bug concerning frame positioning in live screen cast on multi monitor setups.
- Fixed several bugs and leaks