Risingware Brower, a multi-process web browser based on IE, is fairly light and fast in terms of speed. When we speak of "speed", we mean the speed in searching stuff by activating multiple search engines at a time, in visiting or closing out web pages, in bringing the world to you as fast as a lightening bolt.

It is composed of Multiple Web Search Tool, Webpage Snatcher, HTML Component Downloader, Web Filter, Internet Download Manager, RSS Reader, Web Page e-Mailer, webpage translater, Map Tool, and a Plug-in UI open to add your own Plug-ins, etc. Furthermore, special mouse gestures can be used everywhere, such as switching tabs by scrolling up/down the mouse wheel and the drag and drop of links.

What's New:


  • The rule of focus moving is improved when using the Tab key to move focus.
  • On Windows Vista/7, the effects of setting Risingware Exp+ as the default browser are improved, so you can now activate a webpage link in apps like Windows Live Messenger and MS Office Word/Excel with Risingware Exp+.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix File Manager
  • File Search Results, created by Advanced File Search, could sometimes be incomplete. This issue has been fixed.
  • While editing in the content panel of a folder tab, the current view would be refreshed immediately, and the scroll bar would be reset to the top, but it shouldn't have had, for it would change the view in focus. This issue has been fixed.
  • Fix Web Browser
  • An occasional issue, where using a hotkey F5 or pressing the [Refresh] button on the toolbar was not working, has been fixed.
  • Browsing a Google document, created by Google Docs, was not smooth. This issue has been fixed.
  • Fix Fast Start Genie
  • On Windows 7, dragging any item from a folder to the Fast Start Bar above would clear all existing items on that bar. This issue has been fixed.
  • Fix General Functions
  • When the Java installed on your computer was version 1.5, Risingware Exp+ could not be initialized, and an error message would not be displayed. This issue has been fixed to display an error message and give instructions to install Java 1.6.
  • The mouse wheel can slide on the tab bar from side to side and in the content panel of a browser tab from top to bottom and vice versa. Risingware Exp+ is designed to regain the focus automatically without a mouse click when switching from the tab and the content panel; however, it didn't work on Windows 7. This issue has been fixed.