This application removes / disables Windows Defender, including the Windows Security App, Windows Virtualization-Based Security (VBS) , Windows SmartScreen, Windows Security Services , Windows Web-Threat Service and Windows File Virtualization (UAC) , Microsoft Defender App Guard, Microsoft Driver Block List, System Mitigations and Windows Defender's Settings Page (in Settings App , Windows 10 or newer).

System Requirements

  • Windows 8.x, 10 and 11 (all versions).
  • A system restore point is recommended before you apply the script.
  • If you meet any problems, you can write details in Issues Section.

The options are to remove, disable and enable Windows Defender by pressing 3 different buttons.

  • Pressing "Y", Windows Defender will be REMOVED.
  • Pressing "N", Windows Defender will be DISABLED.
  • Pressing "R", Windows Defender will be ENABLED.

What's New


  • New: Replaced PowerRun integration with nSudo for pemission access.
  • New: ISO Tool is simplified and complicated (with no .esd file support, for now) (fixes #55)
  • New: Made Removal of the script efficient (contr. by @ropucyka)


  • Fix the issue #56.
  • Fix the issue #66 , #58 , #57 , by rethinking the disabler part. (It disables antivirus , or antivirus with Windows Security Service (for who don't want Windows Security App)
  • The report about 12.5 helped so much! so the #62 will be closed.
  • The Firewall Context Menu is moved to Melody Script (
  • The Safe methods doesn't disable UAC, but it remove mitigations.


  • For those are applied the removed in previous version (<12.4.7) and have problems with UWP, check if your windows update history.
  • If the Windows Security Intelligence Update (that thing is cause to broken things after script) is installed , there is a problem and can be solved by restoring the system at the point before applying the script. If you want to disable antivirus you can use safe methods (pressing N for disabling all components and M to disable Defender Antivirus Only), and that can be restored by rerun the script. Also the new safe methods doesn't add policies and system registry configurations (the method is based by services removal and restoring), so the system will NOT be harmed. (so the issues related will be closed after release) You can use the Y method , but you need to disable Windows Update or make to Windows will not update at the moment.