Tired of the needless hassle that comes with having four or more Instant Messaging clients running at one time, just so you can talk to your friends and family? Looking for a single application that will house all of these networks into one central location? Well, look no further! Introducing IM2, the most efficient cross-platform messaging client available. Provided that you have a pre-existing account set up with AIM, ICQ, IRC, MSN or Yahoo, you can access and manage them all with this next generation IM client, absolutely free!

IM2 is completely skinnable! You can customize the look and feel of the entire application with one of our exciting new skins, or create your own personalized skin. Download our pre-built skins here, or click here to learn more about making your own skin. You can submit skins to us on the forum (skin section).

IM2 Multimedia Features
Audio and video conferencing is the next wave in online communications, and now you can be a part of the technology everyone's talking about! IM2 allows you to hold audio and video conferences with any IM2 client around the globe. Envision holding video meetings with all your of co-workers without ever having to leave your desk, planning the next night out with your friends without the hassle of calling everyone one at a time, or checking up on the entire family, all while still sitting at your computer desk with a cup of coffee. All you need is a compatible webcam and microphone and IM2 takes care of the rest!

IM2 Secure Messaging
IM2 takes security and privacy very seriously, and we've taken measures to ensures that your conversations are private and personal with secure encryption channel technology implemented over all supported platforms. Never again will you have to worry that sensitive information sent over IM can be read by strangers, or intercepted by hackers and other prying eyes. Secure channel is always activated and working between IM2 users, around the clock and regardless of platform preference!

IM2 now offers a language pack to translate application text into your preferred language. With IM2, you'll never feel like a foreigner at your own PC on your own as you try to understand someone who speaks a different language than you. You can even create your own language translation and send to us for addition to the product if it is not available.

File Transfer
IM2 supports file transfer over all supported platforms. Regardless of whether your friends use IM2 or a native IM client, file sharing remains as easy and fun as it's always been!

File Sharing
IM2 is proud to be the IM client to offer seamless file sharing technology across all supported IM platforms! Introducing IM2Share, a secure private environment that allows multiple users to share images, documents, sounds, and more! The IMShare environment features rock-solid security and privacy thanks to strong encryption, and is faster than a traditional file sharing networks.

Set Status
IM2 provides for all traditional messaging statuses including idle, away and available. Away messages are available across all supported platforms. You can also set this individually or globally.

"User Is Typing" Notification
IM2 notifys you when your buddies are typing to you, for the first time ever across all supported platforms! IM2 takes the guesswork out of determining who is typing to you and when they're doing it by providing a clear notification, regardless of which IM network you're using.

IM2 comes standard with lots of fun and eye-catching emoticons that far surpass the standard smilies or other boring messaging emoticons! Instead of being bombarded with each IM network's dull, proprietary emoticons, IM2 provides loads of fresh new ones bursting with vibrant color and depictive expressions!

And Much More...
Think that's all IM2 has to offer? Think again! IM2 values input from our users very much, and we're constantly searching for ways to make instant messaging easier and more enjoyable. To stay on top of all the fun new developments in our cutting-edge software, download the latest version of IM2 today, and make the switch to the most efficient cross-platform IM software availible!