Right Web Monitor is a handy tool that lets you automatically check your favorite Internet resources and detect changes in their content. With Right Web Monitor you can keep track of any kind of resource, including web pages, applications, images, etc. If the monitored resource changes, the program will immediately notify you. You can also choose to automatically download the modified files.

Right Web Monitor will eliminate the need to constantly check the important Internet resources.This program will automatically check them for you. You can set a checking scheduler for each link or disable automatic checking at all. Using the Right Web Monitor you will always have the most recent news, the latest versions of applications, etc. You will never forget to check up a product or some news, and will always know about any changes in the shortest time.


* Monitors
o any pages, programs, images or other type of Web resources.
o any selected part of web content
o files and folders on FTP servers.
o POP3 mailboxes

* Notification
o by popup window.
o by sound.
o through e-mail.
o by animated icon in system tray.

* Integration with Microsoft Internet Explorer.
* Custom period of monitoring for each link.
* Drop Basket (drag&drop links from browser or other applications).
* Individual notification system for each link.
* Individual scheduling for each link.
* Clipboard monitoring.
* Automatically run on Windows start up (optional).
* Automatic extraction of descriptions from the downloaded pages.
* Socks Proxy is supported.
* Hierarchical tree-like folders system.
* Unlimited simultaneous connections.
* Customizable templates of notification letters.

What's New:

* New notification action: send SMS. Now the program can send SMS messages to notify you of resource changes\unavailability.
* New notification action: run program. Now when a resource is changed or goes down the program can start any application (and pass resource-related data through command line) to notify you.
* Ability to highlight changes has been added. Now you can easily find what exactly has changed on the HTML/text pages.
* "Local copy" view has been added into the main window. Using it you can easily view local copies of the monitored resources.
* Ability to clone links has been added. Now you can create multiple links to monitor the same resource with different parameters.
* From now on the minimum time interval between resource checks is 1 second.
* %HIGHLIGHTEDCHANGES% variable has been added.
* <#FTPDirList> custom tag has been added. Using it you can receive formatted FTP listings within notification letters.
* Some bugfixes.