IMPORTANT: Notepad.NET is no longer supported by SingularLabs.

As of version 0.2, The Notepad.NET project is officially discontinued. Because of this, the source code has been made available.

What makes Notepad.NET better than Windows Notepad?

Visually appealing user interface: Notepad.NET looks much better when used alongside Microsoft Office, as you can apply different skins or leave the UI at the Operating System default. We've got rid of the ugly menu's and replaced them with visually appealing icons.

Squishy text: No more messing with horizontal scrollbars to see an entire line of text. Notepad.NET will squeeze your text onto the available window space. The line breaks will not be kept when saving, so your files from Windows Notepad will not be "damaged."

Auto-Saving: Every minute, Notepad will save a backup of the file you are currently working on. In the event of a system crash or power failure, you will be prompted to restore your file next time you open Notepad.NET. Notepad.NET will only keep one backup and it will be removed when the program is safely closed, so no annoying junk will accumulate.

Less is more: Notepad (while being one of the most simple programs available) still has a lot of unneeded interface elements. We've scrapped a lot of pointless features too.

Advanced features: While stripping away the unneeded is part of the core philosophy of Notepad.NET, some useful features have been discretely placed out of the way for whenever you need them. If your working with .html files for instance, you will find that you can preview your work in a number of Web Browsers as you go. Lists of text can quickly be converted into arrays for use in PHP scripts and Base64 conversion is supported too.

Always On Top: You can set Notepad.NET windows to always appear above other windows on the screen.

Supports bigger files: We have a clever algorithm that allows you to open huge files that will crash most other text editors. It does slow things down a bit though, so there is an option to disable it.

Text Replacer: You can quickly replace words, characters or entire sentences with our tiny text replacer tool.

It's just like Notepad: You can assign .txt files to open with Notepad.NET really easily. Once that is done, you will hardly notice anything missing.

What's New:

  • Improved opening of files to prevent program crashes and freezes.
  • Added List2Array to convert lists into a PHP array.
  • Temp file saving now ignores large text files.
  • Added "Window Always On Top" option.
  • Added tooltip information to menu items.
  • Added F5 shortcut to insert date.