We aim to make it the easiest to use and most powerful tool in this category and always keep it free! So far over 7 million photo albums have been published with JAlbum and the software is started every 7 seconds somewhere in the world.


  • Easy to use. Just drag and drop images and image folders onto JAlbum and press "Make album"
  • Flexible. Album appearance can be highly customized through use of skins (album themes). Use or modify one of the many existing skins or create your own album look by making your own skin!
  • Arrange and select images easily by using drag and drop in an Explorer-like user interface. Edit comments, rotate images and run slide shows off your local hard disk.
  • Share your albums over the Internet straight from your local hard disk by using JAlbum's integrated web server. It is as easy as clicking a button. Your viewers only need their web browser to view albums.
  • Publish the created album on the Internet in a snap with an integrated smart FTP and SFTP client with synchronization ability. With JAlbum you decide where to put your album.

What's New:

News and Updates

  • Added a "Keep both" option when adding files and name collisions occur
  • New "Date format" preference for how dates are displayed within jAlbum's UI
  • Simplified date format selection. Now suggests formats and presents a live date example.
  • Renamed various terms to avoid confusion. "Make All" is now called "Force Remake". "Make Changes" is now called "Make Test". "Album Project" is now simply called "Project"
  • Updated metadata-extractor library (v2.13)
  • Respects a deleted Sample Portfolio project (doesn't recreate it on start up)
  • Prepared for upcoming gift cards
  • Updated bundled skins

Bug fixes

  • Area tagging could sometimes throw a nullpointer exception (since 19.2)
  • Main window could show up in an unreachable location when disconnecting an external monitor and starting jAlbum.