Whether you're educating students, entertaining friends, or exploring what's possible when humans and computers interact, you can create something amazing with Kinect for Windows. What will you develop?

The Kinect for Windows SDK includes APIs, sample code, and drivers. Developers can create rich experiences by using Kinect sensor technology on computers running Windows 7 and Windows 8 Developer Preview.

The Kinect for Windows SDK includes the following:

  • Drivers, for using Kinect sensor devices on a computer running Windows 7 or Windows 8 Developer Preview
  • Application programming interfaces (APIs) and device interfaces, along with technical documentation Source code samples
  • The Kinect for Windows SDK gives developers easy access to the capabilities offered by the Microsoft Kinect device connected to computers running the Windows 7 operating system and Windows 8 Developer Preview.


  • Raw sensor streams
  • Skeletal tracking
  • Advanced audio capabilities
  • Sample code and documentation
  • Easy installation

What's New:

  • Faster and Improved Skeletal Tracking
    • With updates to the multi-core exemplar, Kinect for Windows is now 20% faster than it was in the last release. Also, the accuracy rate of skeletal tracking and joint recognition and been substantially improved.
  • Status Change Support
    • You can now plug and unplug your Kinect without losing work/productivity.
  • Improved Joint Tracking
    • Substantially improve the accuracy rate of joint recognition and tracking.