Its powerful feature-set lends itself as an ideal solution for cataloguing large collections of media content. Specifically, it is aimed at collections that traverse multiple storage devices and where it is otherwise inherently difficult to locate a particular file in a collection.

Through its easy-to-use interface, it is possible to quickly and easily locate any file in your collection and play it back.

Videophile is a Direct Show-based application and, hence, it can play-back any media type for which your system has the necessary filters installed. My recommendation, if you are not already using it, is to have ffdshow installed, together with the Haali Media Splitter to handle MPEG-2 and Matroska streams.

You may wish to supplement this with either or both Real Alternative and Quicktime Alternative for, respectively, the Realmedia and Quicktime formats, although there is some doubt as to the legality of these filters.


  • Support for user's default Media Player
  • Auto-creation of Library, including thumbnail generation
  • Support for advanced Tagging, using hierarchies, links and synonyms
  • Ability to perform complex, compound searches in order to identify and locate files
  • Ability to create and playback ‘highlight’ segments from your files
  • Facilitates basic editing of files (through external applications, where installed)
  • Caters for collections that traverse many, offline storage devices
  • Ability to create and organise dynamic playlists
  • Support for a Bluetooth HID profile in order to use the application more conveniently when in TV-Out mode.
  • Ability to generate ‘Poster’ images of files (commonly used as previews by file uploaders)
  • Facilitates identification of duplicate files

What's New:

  • [Functional] Added pop-out mode for File Inspector's mini-player
  • [Functional] Added functionality to handle moved files
  • [Technical] No longer requires Admin privileges on Windows 7
  • [Technical] Fixed exit crash on Windows 7
  • [Technical] Fixed bug in Browser tooltip
  • [Technical] Rolled-back datenhaus components plus other small improvements and bug fixes