Effortless setup

Comodo Cloud features a user-friendly client app that lets you start copying files minutes after installation. If you've avoided using an online storage service because you thought it would be complicated then Comodo Cloud is the service for you. Why not try a 5 GB free account to see how easy it is.

Highly Secure

Your data is secure in flight and at rest. Your files are encrypted before they even leave your computer with the industry's strongest encryption algorithms; transferred over a 256 bit SSL connections and stored in encrypted form in Comodo's highly secure storage infrastructure. Secure login and password protection ensures your data remains private at all times.

Online drive

The Comodo Cloud client automatically assigns a local drive letter to your online storage. You can play music, view photos, watch videos and edit documents directly from Comodo Cloud - just like you would a local hard drive.

Immediate availability of your data

Retrieve the files you need, when you need them, from any Internet connected computer in the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Simple File and Folder Sharing

Using the intuitive CCloud web interface, click and share any file or folder as a unique URL you can send anywhere. Easily unshared any files or folders that you want to make private again.


Comodo offers you more ways to access your files:

  • Comodo Cloud client - sleek utility designed to simplify and enhance the way you interact with your backup. Need to quickly copy some files? Just drag and drop them into the Drop Zone and you're done. The drop zone appears whenever you start to drag a file and can also accept text snippets, web links and bookmarks.
  • Web Interface - Login at https://ccloud.com to manage your files via your favorite web browser. Great if you need to access your files when you're away from your regular computer.
  • Mobile Apps - Both Android (available now) and iOS (coming soon) applications allow you to easily access your Comodo Cloud files from a variety of handheld devices.
  • Comodo Backup - This powerful, feature-packed (and FREE) application lets you create and manage customized backups that use CCloud for secure offsite storage. Download a copy of Comodo Backup.