Enlightenment coupled with a minimal set of utilities such as a browser, text editor, and package management tools form the solid foundation of Bodhi Linux.

Minimalism is one of Bodhi Linux's two core ideals. The combination of Enlightenment and the core utilities included in a default Bodhi Linux install lead to exceptional speed and low system requirements, while providing a beautiful, useable, and customizable desktop experience.

User choice is another important feature embodied in Bodhi Linux. By only including a small set of default utilities, the user is free to make Bodhi Linux their operating system. Users can install applications from our extremely easy to use AppCenter, apt-get, or Synaptic to suit their individual needs. You make the decision!

If you're the kind of person that wants to make your own choices, this might be the distribution for you.

System Requirements:

The minimum requirements to run Bodhi Linux are only: 300+MHz CPU, 128MB RAM, and 2.5GB hard drive space.

Release Cycle:

Bodhi Linux is a "semi-rolling" release. This means that we follow the Ubuntu LTS release cycle for the core of our distribution, but in between these major release we backport software to our users so all of their software stays current. This means to stay with the latest release of Bodhi you only need to reinstall your system every two years, while still having current versions of your favorite applications. Bodhi releases are supported/get security updates for as long as the LTS base is supported by Ubuntu, which is five years.

What's New:

  • PCManFM is dropped as a default application. The E native EFM is now in use
  • Updated all Bodhi profiles - EFM is now in place over places. Places is now only used in fancy
  • Fixed an outstanding issue with full screen videos/applications and the tablet profile
  • Removed outstanding installer slides that contained information from our 10.04 release
  • Updated to the latest Ubiquity installer
  • Kernel changed from 3.2.0 to 3.5.0
  • Changed plymouth theme to something a bit more simplistic
  • LXDM has been updated to the latest version from GIT - fixing a number of outstanding bugs and adding support for user lists at the login screen
  • Made it so the normal user can mount internal media and E sata drives
  • Updated default theme selection to some fresh choices