KeyScrambler is an anti-keylogging program that encrypts user keystrokes at the keyboard driver level, deep in the operating system. The scrambled keys are indecipherable while they travel to the destination app so that no keylogger can steal your passwords or other crucial information.

Defeats known and unknown keyloggers. Always stays one step ahead of the bad guys. The unobtrusive overlay window lets you see realtime encryption in process so you know how and when KeyScrambler is working.

KeyScrambler secures your keystroke data through the crucial path. How does it work?

  1. As you're typing on the keyboard, KeyScrambler is simultaneously encrypting your keystrokes at the keyboard driver level. Because KeyScrambler is located in the kernel, deep in the operating system, it is difficult for keyloggers to bypass the encryption.
  2. While the encrypted keystrokes travel along the crucial path, it doesn't matter if they get logged, or whether the keylogging malware is known or brand new, because your keystrokes remain completely indecipherable the whole time.
  3. When the encrypted keystrokes finally arrive at the destination app, the decryption component of KeyScrambler goes to work, and you see exactly the keys you've typed.

Innovative User Interface Provides Transparency

You're typing away on your computer. KeyScrambler's scrambling every of your keystrokes at the same time. And the process is reflected, like in a mirror, in the KeyScrambler's user interface, an unobtrusive green overlay window that appears in one of the corners of your computer screen. This is one of the most appealing innovations of KeyScrambler to our users: it keeps them in control and gives them peace of mind.

Smart Engineering Keeps Ahead of the Bad Guys

By encrypting realtime the user's keyboard entries in the kernel and decrypting them in the destination app, KeyScrambler adds an effective layer of defense to traditional anti-virus, anti-malware programs, whose detect-and-remove method often fails in dealing with new, unknown malware attacks. With its unique preventive approach and innovative use of state-of-the-art cryptography, KeyScrambler protects your keystroke data even on computers infected by keylogging malware, and defeats both known and unknown keyloggers.

Broad Compatibility. Easy Installation

KeyScrambler works seamlessly with most security programs and authentication methods and affords the convenience that users find wanting in tokens and smart cards. With KeyScrambler, there is no learning curve. No maintenance. No change to your current PC system or your computing behavior. Installing KeyScrambler for multiple computers is as simple as for a single one and doesn't touch your existing infrastructure.

Versatile Technology

KeyScrambler supports Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, and Windows 7 (both 32-bit and 64-bit). It protects also user inputs in Asian languages: Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

What's New:

  • Fixes number pad keys not working in some applications.

The update has also added support for:

  • 8 more Browsers: AVG Browser, Dooble, Lunascape, Min, MyPal Browser, Opera Neon, Puffin Secure Browser, Whale Browser (All editions)
  • 4 more Password Managers: KeePassXC, Passweerd, Password Boss, Password Tote 4 (Pro and Premium)
  • 1 more Email clients: PopPeeper (Pro and Premium)
  • 3 more Gaming Programs: Epic Games Launcher,, RuneLite (Pro and Premium)
  • 2 more Text Editors: DocPad, The Journal (Pro and Premium)
  • 14 more Team Meeting and Chat Programs: Microsoft Teams, WebEx Meetings, WebEx Teams, Go2Meeting Suite, Facebook Workplace, Amazon Chime, Adobe Connect,, Bluejeans, Fuze, Zoho Meeting, Vonage Business, Mattermost, (Premium)
  • 3 more Cryptocurrency Wallets: Atomic Wallet, Exodus Wallet, Guarda (Premium)
  • 2 more Office Programs: FlexiPDF, SoftMaker Office (Premium)
  • 2 more Networking Programs: XFTP, XManager, XShell (Premium)