'Smart Sense' engine automatically allows new windows you want and will stop popup ads you don't want! No need for you to do anything. We do it all and you won't have to constantly update a list of links which will change when the advertisers see that you have blocked them.

All internet Annoyances:

  • Cleans PC automatically.
  • Password Internet Explorer.
  • Removes cookies.
  • Stop Animated Flash ads.
  • Stop Floating pop-up ads.
  • Stop Sliding pop-up ads.
  • Cancel Timer ads.
  • Remove Web Bugs.
  • Block Messenger Service.
  • Stop Message Boxes.
  • Stop Blinking Picture ads.
  • Stop Shaking Picture ads.
  • Cancel 3rd Party Activity.
  • No Browser helper Object
  • Auto Cleans Temp folder.

The Stop Popup Ads feature is smart and will automatically stop pop-ups for you and timed released pop-up ads! When links are supposed to open in a new window and don't, SIMPLY click on the link a 2ND time!

Pulverize Annoyances will automatically block internet annoyances that advertisers are putting in web pages. Some of these ads look like pop-up ads, but are not. No other popup ad stopper programs have the all features we have added. Check out our popup comparison chart.

Crunch Cookies will automatically remove cookies as you browse to protect your privacy. No timer! Even removes the ones Internet Explorer 6.0 misses. Includes exclusive features "Smart Allow", "Stealth" and "Freeze" cookie.

Squash Web Bugs will remove these critters that send info when you view a web page or web mail.

Content Control will filter offending material or block sites using words or phrases. No huge list of sites to maintain or having to pay yearly costs for updated lists! This add-in will put you at ease when other family members are surfing the internet.

Password Protect will prevent unauthorized access to the internet under your user name when you are away from your pc (Great to use at the Office) and will stop others from downloading programs onto your pc.

Clean PC will automatically remove internet related files when closing your last Internet Explorer. Now those smart computer people/spouses can't even see where you have been on the internet.

  • Clear All History Links.
  • Clear all Cookies.
  • Clear Address bar links
  • Clear Temporary Internet files (Cache).