With TeamDrive you can keep your data synchronized between various computers simply and automatically. It is child's play to share music, images, documents or folders of any sort with friends, family or colleagues. TeamDrive is available for all standard operating systems - Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.

This is How it Works:

You select any folder on you computer that you would like to synchronize. TeamDrive encrypts and compresses your data and uploads it to a TeamDrive server. Send an invitation through TeamDrive to another computer with which you want to share data. The data is transferred to the computer to which the invitation was sent. With immediate effect, TeamDrive automatically keeps all of the data in the selected folder updated on both computers.

Offline Synchronization

Using a TeamDrive server makes it possible to synchronize data reliably even if one or more computers are offline or switched off. As soon as the computer goes online again, the data is synchronized automatically. You can therefore work on your documents on a plane or train, for example, without an Internet connection.

Option of Synchronizing Directory Only

With TeamDrive you can choose to transfer the directory of the folder (metadata) only. In this way, you can decide which files you want to download. The following data is contained in the directory: file name, time of most recent changes, versions, author and comments.

This enables you to download only the data that you actually need, which is especially useful if you have a slow Internet connection or insufficient disk space on your computer.


TeamDrive makes it possible to create teams easily to work together on documents (online and offline collaboration). By means of the integrated version management system, all changes to documents or files are recorded automatically, so that every change can be tracked.


The security and confidentiality of your data is the highest priority for TeamDrive. Before TeamDrive transfers your data, they are encrypted on your computer (AES-256). Only you decide who has access to your data. TeamDrive has been awarded the Data Protection Seal of Privacy of the ULD. More...


An encrypted back-up copy of all of your data is automatically saved on one of TeamDrive's servers. If you lose your computer or it breaks down, you can restore your data easily.

Free Choice of Server

TeamDrive offers two alternatives for synchronising and safeguarding your data reliably: either you can use the TeamDrive Cloud Services, which means that we take care of everything, or you can use your own servers.

What's New:


  • In some cases users could not join/activate or enter a Space. In these cases the Space activation stopped and never finished.
  • In rare cases the synchronisation just stopped in existing Spaces.

Resolution recommendation:

  • Users who discover such problem should perform a full restore of that Space after they updated to the latest release. Such rejoin from scratch may take a few hours and will correct previous errors.
  • Space Information (i) -> Restore -> Advanced -> rejoin from scratch