The core WinSpell component allows client applications that utilise the Windows spell check service, such as Internet Explorer 10, to spell check in more than one language simultaneously. It achieves this by intelligently combining the built-in Windows spell checker and the Windows language settings. Simply set the languages you wish to spell check within the Windows language settings and WinSpell does the rest. This means that any language supported by the Windows spell checker is supported by WinSpell.

A complementary WinSpell component is an extension for Internet Explorer 10 Desktop. It adds several of the features found in our award winning Speckie software. WinSpell for Internet Explorer 10 Desktop works in conjunction with its built-in spell check solution and enhances it with a full JavaScript API to access spell check functionality from web pages, optionally enable or disable spell check in single line or multi line edit fields, override web page settings that disable spell check in edit fields and specify the number of spelling suggestions displayed.


  • Spell check with one or more languages simultaneously.
  • Add, edit and remove custom dictionaries and also edit default dictionaries.
  • Free Financial (AU, GB, US English and French), Legal (AU, GB, US English) and Medical (AU, GB, US English) dictionaries.
  • Full compatibility with Internet Explorer (32 & 64 bit) and Enhanced Protected Mode.
  • Optionally spell check single and multi line edit fields.
  • Override webpage settings and spell check in all edit fields.
  • Add and manage words in per-language user dictionaries.
  • Integrate with Office Outlook for spell check in single line edit fields.
  • Full JavaScript API allows programmatic access to WinSpell features such as:
    • Get the text of the word directly beneath the caret in an element
    • Get an array of suggested corrections for a misspelled word
    • Replace the text of the word directly beneath the caret with another in an element
    • Remove the tag from all instances of a word in an element
    • Enable or disable spell checking in an element
    • Display the Speckie Settings page
    • Get an array of names of the active language dictionaries
    • Add a word to the user's dictionary
    • Get the number of tagged words in an element

What's New:

  • Current WinSpell for IE version: 2.0 (4 August, 2013)
  • Compatible Windows version: 8 (32 and 64 bit)
  • Compatible Internet Explorer version: 10, 11 (32 and 64 bit)
  • Commercial license holders have access to MSI packages for network installations.
  • Installer SHA-1 checksum (WinSpellIESetup.exe): 09B6748C29609B680ED4F335F7B630DBAFDD45B0