It is pity there is a problem with this function of Windows, that is, the retention time for hibernation is so long, in addition, it can only hibernate one time, and it will disappear after you start the computer, you must restart it if you want to make it sleep once again. ToolWiz BHORM can make the system hibernate one time and keep it forever, no matter you close down the computer at other times and pull out the power supply, the computer will be started from hibernation in the next time, so it will take a much shorter time to start the computer, the master hands can play with it to try the feeling of the fact that it will take 20 seconds to start the computer, this software is free and without any restriction. Please pay attention that this software should only be used by Windows Geeks as it will take over the MBR of your system while installing, but it will help you recover while it is uninstalled.

This following text is only for the tech experts who want to know more about BHORM

ToolWiz BHorm is a simple implementation for Hibernation Once and Resume Many Time. It replaces your MBR and installs a INT13/INT15/INT19 Hook which will take the control of Disk/RAM/BOOT when system is booing in the real mode. Also it installs a disk filter driver which will take the control of all disk access when Windows is loading. While there is any writing operation(IRP_WRITE) sending to the disk, it will redirect the operation to a cache place. This is a standard disk virtualization model. We just make a very smart engine to hold the access to hibernation file only and it really works evry well in XP, Vista, Win7, Win8 in our Lab.